Main Monthly Meeting

Main Monthly Meeting – Get Extraordinary Asset Protection & Tax Saving Strategies Without Expensive Lawyers with Bill Noll, a tax attorney and CPA

Main Monthly Meeting


6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


The meeting is free to all members. Free trial members may attend up to two NWREIA meetings before making a membership investment.

Get Extraordinary Asset Protection & Tax Saving Strategies Without Expensive Lawyers with Bill Noll, a tax attorney and CPA.

On Thursday night Bill will share with us:

  • The new tax law and how it will help your business.
  • The Real Hidden Powers of LLC’s That Will Save You Thousands
  • How to protect yourself with only two LLC’s for any number of properties, saving thousands Become “Lawyer repellent” with Bill’s Power Attorney Letter (Bill’s student saved $11,000)
  • Prevent legal disputes saving you lawyer fees and stress
  • Shield your personal assets from attachment
  • Protect your property equity with a little-known yet powerful technique
  • Defend you against nasty IRS attacks
  • Legally deduct all of your educational and start-up expenses even without having yet done a deal – These tax savings can be a major windfall for you this year!
  • Enable you to successfully operate your real estate business
  • And much more!

      You’ll also discover:

  • Tax-Saving Secrets Your CPA Does Not Know
  • Laugh & legally save thousands in taxes, every year
  • Avoid Costly IRS audits
  • Save accounting & legal fees
  • Avoid bad & expensive advice
  • Create HUGE deductions with NO cash out, yet pocket tax-free cash
  • Deduct any amount of property losses with no limits
  • Sell properties tax-free – keep all of the equity
  • Avoid entities that cause you to overpay taxes and get you audited by the IRS!
  • Tax Saving Strategies you can use the entire year January to December! Save more!


Bill is a lawyer and CPA currently working at Noll & Company, CPA’s and he operates a separate law practice focused on tax compliance and tax-related litigation.

Bill has a breadth of experience which gives him the ability to understand many different facets of business disputes and tax controversies.

Bill worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Chester County, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) from 1992 to 1994.  During that period of three years he was prosecuting cases on a daily basis.  In 1994, Bill transitioned to private practice in a Chester County.  For the next ten years he worked as a litigator trying dozens of cases to verdict.  Bill’s litigation experience was in the context of criminal defense, white collar crime, tax compliance and general commercial litigation.  Bill was also chosen as a panel member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to represent defendants in federal prosecutions in multi-defendant conspiracy cases.

In 2004 Bill returned to his roots in rejoining Noll & Company which is a local CPA firm founded by his father.  Since that time, Bill has limited his practice to tax consulting, tax compliance and complex tax litigation. Bill has a wealth of experience before the IRS at both the examination and the appeal level. He is also admitted to practice in the United States Tax Court.

Al Aiello had a long affiliation with Bill’s firm.  Al and Bill’s father spoke at seminars to real estate agents and investors throughout the country beginning in the early 1980’s.  The Noll firm has utilized all of the strategies taught by Al Aeillo since the tax code was re-written in 1986.  When Bill returned to work at Noll & Company he began attending and speaking at seminars with Al.  Bill has been a co-author with Al of several of the publications that have been written during the past five years.

Bill has agreed to continue Al Aeillo’s legacy of teaching tax strategies for the benefit of those people seeking a better understanding of the Internal Revenue Code through ISU.


The event is finished.


Feb 03 2022


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm








  • Ernie Vargas
    Ernie Vargas

    Ernie Vargas purchased his first house in 1994, not really knowing what he was doing. He continued doing real estate part time while working full time jobs not really hitting the success he felt he was capable of. In 1999, after an accident that placed him in a coma he realized that life was short and he needed to make a major change as he didn’t want to continue to live a life where he had to ask a ”boss” for permission to take time off to spend quality time with his family, so he quit his job and went full time into investing. It wasn’t until 2000 that probate hit his radar, which pushed him on the quest to learn all he could about this niche that no one had answers for. After many years of specializing in probate, he has become a true probate expert often helping even attorneys and their clients in the probate process. His ability to think outside the box coupled with his expertise in negotiating and marketing, has allowed him to help, as of today 847 investors, agents, and sellers get the deal closed. He is therefore, the secret weapon consultant to the who’s who in the secret society of 8 figure income earners of the real estate community.

    Now Ernie not only has more time to spend with his wife and four kids traveling but he gets to do what he truly loves doing- helping everyday people create an exceptional real estate business through his automated, systemized way of doing real estate that gives them more money and personal freedom than they’ve ever had before.

    Connect with Ernie on [email protected] @ernievargas.
    Instagram @ernievargas @theprobatefox
    LinkedIn @ernievargas

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