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"Building a Community of Sophisticated Investors" - Financial Freedom for Women Roundtable

  • 08/10/2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Virtual


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Building a Community of Sophisticated Investors
Jarrid Cavanaugh, Affinity Asset Group

Moderated by Brenda Coleman



Fight Wall Street corruption by opening the door of financial independence to the world.


... even in a free nation... personal freedom is directly tied to personal wealth. We want to clear the path of financial independence for all people, except Wall Street. Our opportunities put the freedom of our investors at the center of everything we do while building communities and putting main street money back on main street.


  • This isn't about us... it's about them.
  • Our focus must stay on how we will change the world.
  • Financial freedom is your best asset.
  • We are not an investment company.


Financial Freedom for Women is NWREIA satellite meeting group focused on helping women (and men) succeed in their real estate investing endeavors.

All meeting attendees are given an opportunity to introduce themselves, to share their story, and present potential investment opportunities. Most meetings feature a speaker offering advice on a wide variety of popular subjects including local market conditions, the legal environment, landlord tenant law, accounting and taxes, insurance, financing, finding partners, deal analysis and much, much more. Financial Freedom for Women is THE place to network, find common ground, and benefit from the knowledge, experience and skills of friendly investors who are eager to contribute to your success.

It was founded in 2015 by longtime NWREIA members Limei Yang and Jenny Dong. The meeting is now moderated by Brenda Coleman.

Meetings are FREE for active members (login to register). Trial members may attend up to two meetings for free before making an investment in membership.


Jarrid Cavanaugh, Founder of Affinity Asset Group is an active real estate investor and visionary in the future of investing. Over the last eight years of his real estate journey, he has taken a particular interest in investing in single family rentals and mobile home communities. His passion lies in supporting others to build true wealth through real estate and help to build a legacy.

Jarrid previously held a thirteen-year career as a military special operations leader. From dynamic combat operations, to instructing at the premier Graduate Weapons & Tactics Instructor course (Top Gun) for the United States Air Force, Jarrid excelled at every level. With years of experience and a proven record of accomplishment, he thrives in an environment of uncertainty and difficulty. Throughout Jarrid’s career, he has been hand-selected to lead teams that have undertaken dynamic and high-risk missions aimed at securing the nation’s national interests. Determined and hardworking, his military background has molded him to thrive in any circumstance and understand the importance and value of bringing together teams of experts to complete even the most challenging task.

Today, he is focused on leading the team of Affinity Asset Group to ensure that their investors succeed in building lifelong wealth, while continuing to open the door to financial independence to the world.


Brenda Coleman's first investment property was a spec house that she and her husband built in 2006 and in the last 15 years since she has gone on to invest in land, buy and hold properties, flips and RE syndications, as well as build several more spec houses, and currently owns 23 doors in six states.  Brenda has spent her professional career as a social worker, educator and trainer but has replaced her income many times over with the cash flow from her RE investments and has achieved financial freedom.  She currently does financial coaching and manages her investments and is happy to share some of the secrets to her success with fellow NWREIA members, and particularly enjoys helping other women profit from RE.

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