Oregon State to Re-open Emergency Rental Assistance Portal

      With more than 435 million dollars distributed, the federally funded Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance has been a necessary relief to many tenants in need. Even though so many Oregon tenants have received financial assistance, there still remain others that are at risk. In response, the OHCS has announced a limited reopening of the OERA portal for 3-5 weeks beginning on Jan 26th, depending on the availability of funds. Although it is unlikely that the remaining funds will be sufficient to pay all applications expected to be received once the portal opens, the OHCS will continue to prioritize applications based on need.

     The pandemic has brought to light long-standing housing issues within the state, and tenants in need now should be reaching out to local organizations. Additional funding has been provided to Community Action Agencies to help tenants prevent evictions and keep Oregon tenants in their homes. You can find more information on local agencies at https://caporegon.org/who-we-are/the-community-action-network/. For more information on Oregon’s Rental Assistance Program, visit their website at https://www.oregonrentalassistance.org/additional-assistance/

More details will follow closer to the re-opening of the OREA Portal on Jan 26th.


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