Eviction Moratorium: CDC’s Reimposition

National REIA Statement on the CDC’s Reimposition of their Eviction Moratorium


(Crestview Hills, KY)  The National Real Estate Investors Association issued the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s recent reimposition of the CDC’s Eviction Moratorium.

No means No. 

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a 5-4 decision that the CDC does not have the authority to put in place an eviction moratorium under Section 264.  However, the Biden Administration chose to do it anyway.  We are calling on the Supreme Court to immediately strike down this blatant act of unconstitutionality.

Charles Tassell

Charles Tassell, COO of National REIA said “The Executive Branch is acting as if it were the Legislative Branch, meanwhile the Judicial Branch is asleep at the wheel.  Justice Kavanaugh deferred from striking down the eviction moratorium only because the Administration stated it would expire in July.  Turns out, this was nothing but a hollow promise and a ruse.  How many more small business owners will go belly-up before this never-ending moratorium actually expires?

In addition, Tassell stated that “this convoluted order will only muddy the waters with daily and weekly changes, inducing confusion and leaving many harmed along the way – not least of which are the 50% of property owners who own one to four units that will now be at risk of massive fines & jail time should their legal due process fall on the wrong date.


*Article was written by Brad Beckett – see full article here

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At our recent July Main Monthly Meeting, led by Christian Bryant, we discussed Oregon and the CDC’s Eviction Moratoriums, Tenant debt repayment protections, relief fund sources, required tenant rights notices, and exactly what rights and laws are landlords still able to enforce?



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