Grady XZ Radford Jr.

My name is Grady XZ Radford Jr. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

I worked as a journeyman painter, a general laborer and I had control of several small business opportunities.  Now I control Grady’s Market Investments LLC (go to to get the flavor of what we do.

I am currently the Vice President of NWREIA, also I am the AV Technician of this association. Being a member of this association for 7 years I have enjoyed the platform of this association in gaining knowledge and the being around the power of networking has made a big difference in by business growth. 

At NWREIA – we have diverse group sponsors of whom I am enormously proud of. 

If you become a member or a sponsor of Northwest Real Estate Investors Association – you will find yourself and or your business being a part of a National Network of Family of Real Estate Investors. 

Let me be the first to welcome aboard.